Runaway: A Twist of Fate

Runaway: A Twist of Fate 1.11

It offers a mature adventure starring a couple of charismatic heroes
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Brian Basco is dead.
Six months ago, he was arrested and brought to trial for murdering Colonel Kordsmeier on Mala Island in Hawaii. However, the trial was suspended when serious doubts arose about his mental health, because he couldn’t seem to remember anything about the incident at all. Shortly after, he died while trying to escape from the psychiatric hospital where he was locked up. At least that’s what it says in the official reports. But Gina has reasons to believe the truth is quite different, and she won’t rest until she’s proved it. Who really killed Colonel Kordsmeier? Is it true that Brian was crazy? Then there’s the big question: is he really dead?

The Runaway trilogy reaches its climax with A TWIST OF FATE, the darkest, most movie-like, ambitious adventure to date, and the questions from the previous Runaway adventures are finally answered. This is also the first game in which Gina plays a starring role. This time she is just as important as Brian, and you get the chance to play through her character. As for the unavoidable question of whether there will be a fourth Runaway, all we can do is speculate. Who knows?

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